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YSS Corp.™ is a publicly-traded, premier cannabis retailer and trusted destination for adult-use cannabis in Canada, focused on driving near-term growth while building long-term shareholder value.

Yss About Strategy

Corporate Positioning

Corporate Positioning

Cannabis Experience

• Understanding of cannabis market through prior roles advising the emerging Canadian cannabis industry
• Strategic relationships and understanding of cannabis market dynamics
• Licensed producer independence


Corporate & Capital Markets Expertise

• Strong team with a track record of execution across various business,
capital markets, financing, transactional and corporate strategy disciplines
• Expanded focus to include potential acquisitions and innovative structures to supplement organic growth


Foundation For Scale

• Proven track record of rapid expansion without over-committing, supported by our expanded team, multi-brand locations, cannabis experience, standard operating procedures and YSS
Academy educational platform
• Recent expansion into Saskatchewan establishes foundation for interprovincial growth


Sustainable Business Model

• Focus on strategic execution of a premier retail cannabis model
• Cost controls, quality locations and operational efficiencies are paramount to remain competitive


Strategic Pivot

Strategic Pivot

Since we launched in June 2018, YSS™ has successfully built a strategic portfolio of operating retail locations and identified a stable of future potential locations. In response to regulatory changes that have occurred across the industry, the Company strategically pivoted to further enhance long-term value creation for its shareholders. This includes management’s intention to pursue opportunities aimed at supplementing our organic growth profile, such as accretive acquisitions, partnerships and/or other ventures.

Expanding Opportunity Focus

Increased focus on strategic opportunities within the cannabis sector designed to drive shareholder value.

Management Team Evolution

Theo Zunich (formerly VP Corporate Development) appointed CEO and joined Board. Concurrent with the Sweet Tree acquisition, Tony Balakas was appointed VP Operations, and YSS anticipates further team enhancements as needed to support its growth.

Supplementing Organic Growth

Will continue to evaluate accretive strategic acquisitions, partnerships and/or other ventures designed to supplement the Company’s organic retail growth profile.

Cost Control Remains in Focus

Focus on corporate cost control while continuing to build the foundation for becoming a trusted and sustainable retail destination for cannabis in Canada.

Stronger Alignment Between Corporate & Retail Brands

Name changed to YSS Corp. (TSXV Ticker 'YSS') which improves alignment with YSS™ retail brand.

To lead this pivot, Mr. Theo Zunich was promoted to President and CEO and appointed to our Board of Directors. Mr. Zunich has been directly involved with the Company since inception, first in an advisory capacity with Eight Capital, where he was a founding Principal working in the Investment Banking group, and since August 1, 2018 as VP Corporate Development of the Company. He has a track record of success with numerous transformational transactions concentrating on the cannabis, energy and technology sectors and his vision and knowledge of the cannabis industry continues to be instrumental to the progress and development of the organization.

The YSS Retail Experience

The YSS Retail Experience


Our locations are both walkable and with available parking making it easier for people from the city to the suburbs and beyond to visit retail stores to explore and discover cannabis on their own terms.


We have developed a three tiered training program consisting of provincial regulator training, YSS Academy and Lift & Co. / MADD certification to ensure our staff are equipped to answer any questions and help customers discover the perfect product for them.


We believe in offering high-quality products at competitive prices. As our product line grows, our commitment to offering the best value for the dollar will stay the same.


Consistency of a positive, independent retail experience will drive long-term customer loyalty and trust. We believe that Canadians want and deserve a cannabis retailer they can trust.


Our stores are designed to carry and offer a wide variety of products. We are in the infancy of the legalized cannabis industry and the product mix will expand drastically in the long term.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to offering an exceptional retail experience to every customer and equally dedicated to fostering a business environment that every one of our team members can be proud of.

YSS Corp's strategy to create long-term value for shareholders is committed to prioritizing the health, safety and well-being of our employees and customers, while responsibly operating stores that are situated within our local communities.

At YSS, corporate responsibility is more than a requirement; it’s a daily opportunity to live and showcase our values of experience, commitment and trust. Our focus on being a great company means we are respected by neighbours, dependable partners and good corporate citizens. Whether it’s giving back to the communities where we operate, supporting an important cause, or acting in a way that exceeds expectations, we’re always looking for opportunities to give back while propelling our team forward.

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YSS Responsability

Corporate Governance

We are committed to offering an exceptional retail experience to every customer and equally dedicated to fostering a business environment that every one of our team members can be proud of.

Setting a High Bar

Setting a High Bar

YSS Corp. is committed to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance operating in a manner that serves our shareholders’ best interests. We will continue evolving to meet the challenging requirements inherent with a nascent industry in a highly regulated environment. YSS believes that our strong corporate governance culture is a foundation on which we can build long-term shareholder trust and value.

Key Governance Policies & Documents

Board & Committee Mandates

Investor Information

YSS Corp. is ideally positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity presented by the legalization of cannabis in Canada with the enactment of Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, which received Royal Assent on June 7, 2018 and came into force on October 17, 2018.


• Strong balance sheet and prudent capital management with an estimated working capital position of $12.2 million at June 30 2019. With average store construction costs <$400,000, YSS is funded to execute on its existing growth strategy and capitalize on strategic opportunities

• >$2.0 million in sales and $689 thousand gross margin generated in July and August during ramp up from 3 to 10 stores, with corporate overhead estimated at <$250,000 / month

• Expanded from 1 to 13 operating stores across Alberta and Saskatchewan from early June 2019 to October 2019, with retail platform, including brand, systems, policies, procedures, technology and team in place to continue expansion with limited incremental overhead

• Construction nearing completion at next two retail stores, Sweet Tree Okotoks and flagship Sweet Tree 17th Avenue store located in downtown Calgary on the ‘Red Mile’

• Planning and construction commenced for an additional six retail stores, which will bring the Company’s total expected operating or ready-to-open store count to 20 by year-end 2019

• Established a strategic portfolio of 27 total locations, inclusive of open stores and locations under construction, to fuel growth for the remainder of 2019 and into 2020; expansion of this portfolio designed to support growth to more than 30 operating stores in 2020

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